Wind-preg range is the only Mast Range on the market offering a 2+3 years warranty policy.
This is a clear signal that show you how confident we are on the quality of our products.

How it works?

Register within 30 days from purchase the product on the following link.

What happen if I break the product within 2 years?

You will get your mast replaced after claiming the breakage through your local dealer subject to Powerex Masts approval.

How can I extend the warranty for extra 3 years?

It's simple! Send the request after registering your masts through the following link.
Once we will recive the payment, your mast will benefit of a 5 years total coverage in cas of breakage.

The breakage are covered in surfing conditions or it's a "no question asked" warranty?

If you only register the product for 2 years it will be a limited warranty to surfing conditions, check below our general warranty term.
If you extend the warranty up to 5 years it will be a "no quesion asked" warranty.

Really? "No question asked" warranty, so if I break the mast due to my fault or I will drive on the mast, will you replace it?

Yes we will replace the product.

The replaced mast will be covered by 5 years warranty?

No the 2+3 years warranty is limited to the original serial number, the replaced mast will benefit of our Regular Warranty Policy, see below.

WARRANTY CONDITIONS (related to All the masts except Wind-preg ones)

Through constant focus on advanced R&D, the goal at Powerex is to use our expertise in composite and carbon manufacturing to deliver an arsenal of masts that will take the use and abuse of sailing and come back for more. Unfortunately, due to extreme improper usage, mast breakage can occur. In those cases, we are dedicated to working with our customers to find the quickest solution. You break it, we'll replace it. Powerex warrants that Powerex masts are free of defects for one year from the date of purchase. If a Powerex mast breaks under normal use due to defective materials, manufacturing or workmanship, Powerex will replace or repair the product upon its return. As with any promise, there are a few qualifications: Only Wave masts will be replaced if broken in surf conditions. This warranty will be honored only for the original purchaser. Breakage due to misuse; like over-tightening the boom or failure to completely engage the 2-piece ferrule connection that joins the 2 pieces of the mast or the mast-base extension connection will not be covered. Breakage due to obvious abuse occurring outside of the water will not be covered. This warranty covers Powerex products only and does not cover personal injury or any damage to other equipment. This is the only remedy available for product defect; special, incidental or consequential damages shall under no circumstances be coverable. Taking care of warranty issues.

If you have a warranty issue, the first step should be to contact your local dealer because they can usually help find the quickest solution to your problem. If you can't do that, contact us at jimmyleepx@hotmail.com and we'll help you get back on the water as quick as possible. One thing we should mention: Powerex, as opposed to other mast brands, can warranty just the broken half of a mast. Furthermore, if you break your mast and it is not under warranty, you need not buy an entire mast. We can sell you a replacement top or bottom section. So don't chuck out the unbroken half of your mast. You may be able to resurrect it!






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