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INTRODUCING WIND-PREG™ The pinnacle of carbon mast construction

WIND-PREG™ represents the state of the art in mast construction. The essence of this top notch mast range lies in two concepts: filament winding and Pre-preg. We merged two of the best manufacturing techniques in a single product thanks to the collaboration with the leading carbon fiber supplier worldwide.
The construction process follows the following steps on every single mast from 60% Carbon models upward:

  • Conventional unidirectional aerospace pre-preg fibers are winded by means of an automatized table rolling machine, according to the deflection requirements of our standards 64-76 construction.
  • Biaxial aerospace pre-preg fibers are winded at 45° using a pre-preg filament machine.
  • Finally, a last WIND-PREG™ layer is cross winded to attribute to our mast the best possible strength.
  • Before Curing our masts, we apply a special thermo-reactive film that compresses the lamination a 40% more than any other product on the market. This film has been developed using 3 M polymers, worldwide leader in chemical products.
  • Everything is then cured in a special autoclave (identical to those used in automotive) that takes out all the unnecessary scraps and gives to the final product superior surface finishing.
  • This technology allows us to get rid of any useless finishing materials, such as textiles, paint, coatings or varnish.
  • The process also includes the exclusive nano-core winding with its special winding design.

Goals achieved using WIND-PREG™:

  • Substantial weight reduction on all mast ranges.
  • 40% increase in strength that makes WIND-PREG™ masts virtually unbreakable. This will definitely make WIND-PREG™ masts a choice for a lifetime.
  • Substantial performance improvement thanks to the advantages generated by the two technologies: pre-preg wrapping for performance and filament winding for strength.
  • Easier camber rotation thanks to super sleek surface.
  • Super reliable product: the only mast brand offering 5 years warranty (refer to our warranty Policy).

What we offer to the customer:

  • 2-year unconditional warranty on all WIND-PREG™ masts included *
  • 3-year limited warranty extension (optional, to be purchased separately) **
  • Lighter and more performing products.

* Subject to registration within 30 days from original purchase.

** To be purchased separately filling in the form available on our web-site.

We have been forced to develop this new technology ourselves, as no other conventional mast manufacturer in the world was able to achieve our requirements in terms of durability.


JAPANESE PRE-PREG: For our masts, we exclusively use the latest Japanese pre-preg carbon fiber, the best in the world. This allows us to ensure not only the best performances, thanks to extremely accurate and constant technical values, but also the best quality thanks to almost absent manufacturing and material flaws.

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UST - (Ultra Stratification Technology): for our carbon/glass fiber hybrid masts we developed the exclusive Ultra Stratification technology (UST). Thanks to this innovative procedure, the layers of pre-preg carbon and glass epoxy fibers are pre-matched electronically in order to ensure that the final sandwich is free of imperfections.

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